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BlendPic Pro

Développeur Momentic Apps

Double exposure effect with Blendpic Pro is a best blend app that allow you to blend two photos together and create an amazing double exposure effect !Easily combine two images to create beautiful effect . You can choose two free quotes / images/ overlays to blend . There are 30+ great overlays for you . We carefully selected a variety of blend overlays .
We support you choose and combine image 1 with image 2. At the same time you can choose or take the picture to blend .
~ Blend two pictures quickly
~Adjust Transparency easily
~Choose image 1 and image 2 with free overlays or take a picture to blend
~ Share the blend photo to Instagram/ Facebook / Twitter and so on.
Blend pic Pro is a amazing artiest allow you to create double exposure photo and get more likes . Send your awesome and unique pic to SNS and get more follows.